Property Maintenance FAQ

I live in an apartment and my landlord will not make repairs. How do I get these problems fixed?

You can call the Building Division and set up an appointment with our inspectors to come and look at the repairs that are needed. A list of the violations will be given to the owner. The only way we can come into the apartment is if the tenant or owner gives us access to the apartment .

What happens if I am a renter and there is a violation. Who is responsible, my landlord or me?

A notice of violation will be sent to both you and your landlord. Between the both of you, the violation is expected to be corrected .

What if I comply by the given court date?

You will still have to appear in court.

What are the fines?

You will be subject to a fine of not less than $50 nor more than $750 plus you will have to pay court costs.

What will happen if I do not correct the violation by the compliance date?

If the violation is not corrected by the given date and or the granted extension date, you will receive notice to appear in court. There you will be subject to fines and court costs.

Can I get a copy of the ordinance that I am in violation of?

Yes, you can call the Building Division and request a copy of the ordinance that you are in violation of.

How many notices will I receive?

The Building Division is only required to send one notice with at least 7 days to correct the violation. Less time will be given if it is a life safety issue.

What if I can not comply by the given date?

If you can not correct the violation in the amount of time given, call the Building Division number listed on the citation and explain your situation. An extension may be given in order to correct the violation.

What do I do if I receive a violation notice against my property?

The citation you received in the mail will list the violation, your options to correct the violation and the compliance date. If you have any questions concerning the violation, you can call the Building Division number listed on the citation.