2012 Seal Coat Program

2012 Seal Coat Program

City Engineer Sam Tesreau has announced that the City of Rochelle’s contractor, Road Oil Corporation, will begin seal coat operations on or about July 20, 2012. Portions or all of the following streets are scheduled for seal coat and other related treatments:

Linder Lane Calvin Road to Caron Road

McConaughy Avenue Calvin Road to Caron Road

Drake Avenue Calvin Road to Caron Road

Calvin Road McConaughy Ave to School Avenue

Kelly Drive 7th Avenue to Caron Road

7th Avenue Main Street to Caron Road

Cherry Avenue Main Street to 2nd Street

6th Avenue 7th Street to 2nd Street

10th Avenue Lincoln Highway to 2nd Street

2nd Street McConaughy Ave to Cherry Avenue

3rd Street McConaughy Ave to Cherry Avenue

2nd Avenue Overpass to Washington Street

6th Street 2nd Avenue to Termination

8th Street 9th Street to 4th Avenue

Woolf Court 8th Avenue to Lincoln Avenue

4th Avenue 15th Street to 12th Street

8th Avenue 20th Street to Woolf Court

20th Street 10th Avenue to 8th Avenue

Avenue G Wood Street to Avenue E

Northlake Court Westgate Court to Westgate Court

Carrie Avenue Northfield Ct to 14th Street

Sunset Terrace 14th Street to Joanne Lane

1st Avenue Main Street to Poplar Street

Various alleys north of UP Railroad 14th Street to 9th Street

Portions of the routes and intersections will be periodically closed to through traffic during the project and the public should use other alternate routes. Advance warning and other temporary traffic control devices or personnel will be posted near the affected areas. Temporary no parking areas along these streets will be enforced during the construction and maintenance operations. The project is expected to be complete by August 3, 2012. The City of Rochelle appreciates the patience of the public during this project.