2022 Trash Collection Program

2022 Trash Collection Program

2022 Trash Collection Program

New Trash Can Distribution

Trash collection for single-family homes and apartment buildings with three or less units, within Rochelle City limits: 

The City of Rochelle has contracted with Northern Illinois Disposal to provide each residence a 95-gallon wheeled trash can with a flip-top lid.  Cans will be delivered in late March.

Like recycling, all trash will now be collected at the curb instead of the alley. 

Trash Can Assistance Program

The City of Rochelle is offering an assistance program to senior citizens or residents with a disability where the trash collection crew will pull the can to the street, dump it, and return it to the side of the house.  These households will also have the option to choose a 35 or 65 gallon can.

Residents may also call City Hall (562-6161) or RMU Customer Service (562-4155) to register.

Although all trash will need to fit in the can each week, there are additional options for extra trash:

Additional cans are available for rent or purchase through Northern Illinois Disposal.  The rental fee is $36 per year with a one-time $25 delivery fee.  To purchase an extra can the cost is $75 with a one-time delivery fee of $25.  To rent or purchase an additional can, please contact Northern Illinois Disposal directly at 800-930-7321.  The City of Rochelle will waive the delivery fee for anyone purchasing an additional can before March 1st.  

The City of Rochelle will offer a free twice-yearly cleanup event where several dumpsters will be in a public space for drop-offs.  The events will be announced soon.

Residents are still able to set out one bulk item for collection.  This is for items such as a piece of furniture or mattress. 


  • What is a bulk item?

Examples of bulky items are: Basic household furniture ( Couch, Recliners, Tables, Chairs, Beds, Entertainment centers, Etc.), Other item examples-Door, sink, Toilet (with back removed, will count as one item), Bikes, kids toys, basketball hoops (cut down to size),  push mowers ( with all fluids and batteries  removed), Weed eaters (all fluids and batteries removed), Etc.  

  • Bulk items cannot exceed six feet in length, four feet in width or more than 100 pounds.
  • Not considered a bag. General household trash must fit into the can.
  • Can I pick up my can to save on the delivery fee?
    • The City of Rochelle is waiving delivery fees for anyone who orders an extra can before March 1. Anyone who has purchased a can with a delivery fee will be refunded.
  • What if I need a second can, but can’t afford it?
    • Please call City Hall at 562-6161 and ask to speak to Jenny Thompson.
  • How do I get a recycling container?
    • NIDS will provide recycling containers at a cost. The City of Rochelle will soon offer a free sticker than can be placed on an existing trash can to be used as a recycling bin.
  • Can I sign up for the assistance program even if I don’t live on an alley?
    • All seniors and those with a disability may utilize the program.
  • Does this apply to homes in Hillcrest, Flagg Center, Hickory Ridge, or Creston?
    • No, only homes within Rochelle City Limits. If you currently pay for residential trash collection on your RMU utility bill, this applies to you.
  • Do residents need to call if they don’t need pickup one week?
    • Call NIDS to come off assistance list anytime.
  • Does someone need to be on the assistance program to have a smaller can?
    • While supplies last, a customer may request a smaller size. Call the City of Rochelle or RMU Customer Service. Priority will be given to seniors or residents with a disability who require assistance.
  • Why can’t I use the can that I already have?
    • The new carts go with the truck arm. Current cans will be able to be used as recycling cans with a free sticker that will be provided soon.
  • Can I use my old trash cans as recycling cans or landscape waste cans?
    • A sticker will be provided to mark recycling cans. Please mark landscape cans with a spray-painted X.
  • Are the cans marked in some way to identify who they belong to?
    • Please use a piece of duct tape with your name and/or address but don’t mark on the can itself.
  • Is the recycling program, landscape waste or brush collection changing?
  • Can I take trash or other items to the landfill for disposal? What days/times? What is the cost?
    • There is a 2 Ton Minimum charge regardless of amount of trash – $100.
  • What are the dimensions of the cans?
  • Trash Can Sizes