2023 Façade Improvement Program Announced

2023 Façade Improvement Program Announced

2023 Façade Improvement Program Announced

The City of Rochelle, in its continuing effort to support the revival and development of local business, has again approved the Façade Improvement Program for 2023.

The City will provide a 50% matching grant, with a maximum amount of $5,000 to business or building owners who complete eligible improvements to the facades of their buildings. Improvements must be constructed within six months of application approval.  The City will match dollar-for-dollar an owner’s investment in eligible improvements to the appearance of their building’s storefront façade. The building or business owner who has funded most of the improvements must apply for and be approved in order to receive the 50% matching grant.

Commercial buildings that meet the following qualifications are eligible for the grant:

  • One grant per building in a five-year period
  • One grant per building or business owner every other year
  • Façade faces public right-of-way
  • Any code violations have been addressed
  • Property owner is in good standing with RMU/City bills
  • Improvements begin after 1/1/23

Examples of eligible projects include brick cleaning, exterior doors, streetscape elements, tuckpointing, windows and window frames, landscaping, painting, shutters & awnings, stairs, porches, railings, wall façade repair & treatment, exterior lighting, roofs visible from the street, original architectural feature repair or replacement, signage repair or replacement, or improvements for ADA compliance.

A complete list of eligible expenses and application procedures is available at the link below:

2023 Facade Improvement Program