Rochelle Freight Rail Request for Qualifications

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
This event does not repeat

Construction Phase Engineering Services for a Freight Rail Expansion Project

1. Project Description
The City of Rochelle is expanding the City of Rochelle Railroad (CIR), a municipally-owned short line railroad serving freight carriers on the Union Pacific (UP) and Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroads. This infrastructure project addresses a critical unmet need for industrial rail service and switching of unit and manifest trains that benefit not only the project area, but also northern Illinois and the wider region.
Improvements to the CIR include extending three existing tracks from the current terminus at John’s Creek, south to the southern limits of the Project Site. Included in the Project is a new precast-concrete bridge structure over John’s Creek and approximately 9.750 lineal feet of industrial rail to serve as the backbone to serve the Project Area. In addition, the Project includes the expansion of the City’s current switchyard, adding an additional 3,600 lineal feet of industrial track. The rail improvements will be constructed in accordance with UP and BNSF industrial track standards utilizing steel ties and 115-pound rail. The Project will also include the necessary grading and drainage, sub-ballast and ballast construction, roadway crossing and signalization, and site restoration.
The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) awarded Rochelle $3,421,000 in public works program funding to support this $7,000,000 project. In addition, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has awarded $2,580,000 in grant funding to advance the project. The selected firm will be required to adhere to all EDA and IDOT funding conditions and requirements. Fehr Graham Engineering & Environmental is not eligible to respond to this RFQ as they drafted the RFQ as part of a service to the City of Rochelle.

2. Scope of Services
Rochelle is seeking Phase III construction engineering inspection services for this project through a competitive, qualifications-based solicitation process. The professional services agreement with the successful candidate shall provide for all services required for the construction phase of the Project. Responses from a minimum of three (3) qualified firms are desired for evaluation. The firm with qualifications most advantageous to the project will be selected.
The Engineer’s fee for services will be negotiated upon selection. The contract amount will be subject to the EDA grant award and subsequent EDA audit that the compensation is reasonable. EDA regulations provide that the fee shall not exceed that prevailing for comparable services in the project area. The use of the cost-plus-a-percentage-of-cost and percentage of construction cost forms of compensation are prohibited by EDA regulations.
The Engineer’s fee shall cover all services necessary for the successful execution of the project, including:
• Construction observation, construction documentation and materials testing;
• Review and approval of submittals and other contractor pay application verifications and forwarding to the City of Rochelle with appropriate recommendations for payments;
• Construction Close Out (punch-lists, final inspections, receipt and forwarding to Rochelle of final lien waivers and Affidavits of Compliance with Federal & State Wage Rates, etc.);
• Preparation and submittal of all EDA-required grant progress, financial, and close-out reports;
• EDA and IDOT grant administration and the preparation and submittal of all grant related documentation;
• Inspection of and review of warranty work 1 year after close-out; and
• All incidental costs.
The specific scope of services will be negotiated upon selection.

3. Project Timeline
Phase I and II Engineering for the project has been completed and the Project is expected to be let and awarded by the end of June 2018. Construction activities are anticipated to commence in July 2018 and continue into the 2019 construction season with final Project closeout by December 2019.

4. Scoring Criteria
The following evaluation factors will be of importance to the selection process. All proposals shall be evaluated according to this point system.
• Firm qualifications for providing construction services to the freight rail expansion project (100 points);
• Specific staff qualifications and experience for those identified to be performing services under this contract (50 points);
• Qualifications and experience of any subconsultants and their staff (25 points);
• Familiarity with EDA and IDOT funded infrastructure projects and with specifically freight rail projects (25 points)
Total Points: 200 points
While not specifically required, respondents are encouraged to use Disadvantaged Business Enterprises and Women-owned or Minority-owned Businesses Enterprises as subconsultants.

5. SOQ Submittal
Submittals (3 copies) must be received by Tuesday May 29th 2018 4:00p.m. local time, to the Rochelle City Clerk, 420 North 6th Street, Rochelle, IL 61068. The request for qualifications shall respond to each item outlined below within the specific format described. SOQs must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “Freight Rail Expansion SOQ”. Faxed or emailed SOQs will not be accepted. SOQs received after the deadline will be returned unopened. Please limit the responses to the information requested below. Submittals shall be no more than twenty (20) single-sided pages. Supplemental brochure information will not be accepted.
Letter of Interest:
• The Letter of Interest must include the firm’s name, address, telephone number, fax number, and contact person
• A person authorized to bind the firm by contract must sign the Letter of Interest
Firm Organization:
• Submit the team lead firm and any anticipated sub-consultants
• Type of ownership – individual, partnership, or corporation
• Number of years in business
• Listing of primary disciplines and services provided
Project Team:
• Submit the team lead firm and sub-consultants
• Identify key personnel for this project, including Principal-in-Charge and Project Manager for the project
• Include resumes for key personnel and their experience on comparable projects
• Identify sub-consultants to be utilized and their experience on comparable projects
• Include resumes for sub-consultant key personnel and their experience on comparable projects
• Provide an organization chart for all key personnel on this project.
Experience and References:
• Provide a listing of up to five representative projects (ongoing or completed within the past five years) including project name and location, brief description, completion date and cost.
• Provide a listing of three (3) client references including name, title, company, address and contact telephone number.
Respondents are directed to submit their qualifications without reference to price. Following selection, the City of Rochelle will negotiate a fee proposal from the selected firm for the agreed upon scope of services.

All questions pertaining to this Request for Qualifications should be directed to the contact below and relevant questions will be addressed in writing:
Mr. Jason Anderson
Economic Development Director
City of Rochelle
420 N 6th Street
Rochelle, IL 61068
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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