Rochelle residents are invited to participate in our residential recycling program! Two recycling bins are provided to each qualifying residence free of charge. Contents can be mixed in each bin. Recyclables are picked up at the curb, bi-weekly, on the same day as solid refuse pickup. All recyclables must be rinsed free from all food debris and all lids must be removed. Labels may be left on all recyclables. 

All paper products such as newspapers, magazines, and cardboard are recyclable. Other items such as unbroken clear, green, and brown glass, all beverage cans/bottles, food cans, milk cartons, and coded plastics numbered 1 through 7 can be recycled. Paper coated with wax surfaces or plastic liners and Styrofoam are not recyclable. Items such as wrappers, strings, rubber bands, gift wrap, or paper coated with grease and food debris are unacceptable. Other items such as window glass, ceramics, Pyrex, chemical containers, paint/paint thinner containers, pesticide containers, any container that is or was occupied with aerosol, uncoded plastic, along with plastic grocery bags are also unacceptable recyclables. Any containers that have held or have been exposed to hazardous materials may not be recycled. If there are more than three families in your building, your building is considered commercial and you should contact Northern Illinois Disposal at 800-930-7321 to arrange services.