new trash can

Trash collection in Rochelle is provided by Northern Illinois Disposal.

Each residence is provided with a 95-gallon wheeled trash can with a flip-top lid.  All trash must fit into the can, with the exception of one bulk item per week. A bulk item is something too large for the can such as a piece of furniture or a mattress. Mattresses must be wrapped in plastic for pickup.

Like recycling, all trash is collected at the curb every week.

To check trash or recycling schedules or set up a weekly text/e-mail reminder, visit the Northern Illinois Disposal website.

Trash Can Assistance Program

The City of Rochelle offers an assistance program to senior citizens or residents with a disability. The trash collection crew will pull the can to the street, dump it, and return it to the front or side of the house.  Households utilizing the assistance program will also have the option to choose a 35 or 65 gallon can.

To register for the program, please complete the application form and submit to RMU Customer Service at 333 Lincoln Highway or .

Application Form

Although all trash will need to fit in the can each week, there are additional options for extra trash:

Additional cans are available for rent or purchase through Northern Illinois Disposal.  The rental fee is $36 per year with a one-time $25 delivery fee.  To purchase an extra can the cost is $75 with a one-time delivery fee of $25.  To rent or purchase an additional can, please contact Northern Illinois Disposal directly at 800-930-7321.

The City of Rochelle will offer a free twice-yearly cleanup event where several dumpsters will be in a public space for drop-offs.  Event dates are posted on our website calendar and social media accounts.

Residents are still able to set out one bulk item for collection.  This is for items such as a piece of furniture or mattress. Mattresses must be wrapped in plastic or placed inside a plastic mattress cover.