Who should I call? Department/Organization Phone Number
Accounting/Billing Administrative Services 815-562-6161
Airport Airport Manager 815-562-8619
Ambulance Billing NI Ambulance Billing 866-570-2468
Animal Control Ogle County Animal Control 815-732-1185
Annual Financial Reports Finance Manager 815-562-6161
Bid Packets/ Bid Openings City Clerk 815-562-6161
Birth Certificates City Clerk 815-562-6161
Brush Pickup Street Department 815-562-2494
Budget Finance Manager 815-562-6161
Building Code Enforcement Building Department 815-562-8717
Building Inspections Building Inspector 815-562-8717
Burning Rochelle Fire Department 815-562-2121
Cemetery Lawnridge Cemetery 815-562-6329
Chamber of Commerce Tricia Herrera 815-562-4189
Concerns/Questions City Hall 815-562-6161
Court Dates Ogle County Court House 815-732-1135
Curbs, gutters, sidewalks Buildling Department 815-562-8717
Death Certificates City Clerk 815-562-6161
Economic Development City Hall 815-562-6161
Electrical Inspections Building Inspector 815-562-8717
Emergency Mgmt. Services Terry Inman, EM Coordinator 815-562-2131
Employment Opportunities City Hall 815-562-6161
Food & Beverage Tax City Clerk 815-562-6161
Garbage Collection Northern Illinois Disposal 800-930-7321
Food Pantry Pantry Volunteers 815-562-6654
Grass and Weeds Property Maintenance Inspector 815-562-8717
Handicap Ramps Engineering Department 815-562-8717
Hazardous Materials Fire Department 815-562-2121
Health Department Ogle County Health Department 815-562-6976
Hotel and Motel Tax City Clerk 815-562-6161
Inspections Building Inspector 815-562-8717
Landscape Waste Northern Illinois Disposal 800-930-7321
Landfill Water Superintendent 815-562-4155
Library Flagg Rochelle Library 815-562-3431
Lincoln Highway Heritage Festival City Hall 815-562-6161
Liquor Licenses City Clerk 815-562-6161
Litter & Garbage Concerns Property Maintenance Inspector 815-562-8717
Marriage Licenses Ogle County Clerk 815-732-1130
Mosquitos Street Department 815-562-2494
Motor Fuel Tax City Clerk 815-562-6161
Mulch Street Department 815-562-2494
Noise Violations Police Department 815-562-2131
Northern Illinois Disposal Community Development 800-930-7321
Overweight Trucks Community Development 815-562-8717
Park Maintenance Rochelle Park District 815-562-7813
Parking Tickets Police Department 815-562-2131
Post Office Postmaster 815-562-4634
Property Tax Bills & Assessments Flagg Township Assessor 815-562-6862
Railfan Park Gift Shop 815-562-7031
Recycling Containers City Hall 815-562-6161
Recycling Information City Hall 815-562-6161
Rent Assistance Flagg Township 815-562-7360
Refuse Collection Northern Illinois Disposal 800-930-7321
Rochelle Municipal Utilities Customer Service 815-562-4155
Senior Center Hub City Senior Center 815-562-5050
Sidewalks Engineering Department 815-562-8717
Signs and Signals Street Department 815-562-2494
Snow Removal Street Department 815-562-2494
Storm Sewer Backups Rochelle Municipal Utilities 815-562-4155
Solicitor Permits City Clerk 815-562-6161
Street Light Maintenance Rochelle Municipal Utilities 815-562-4155
Street Maintenance Street Department 815-562-2494
Subdivision Regulations Community Development 815-562-8717
Trash Collection Northern Illinois Disposal 800-930-7321
Tree Trimming – City Owned Street Department 815-562-2494
Utilities Rochelle Municipal Utilities 815-562-4155
Utility Assistance Flagg Township 815-562-7360
Voter Registration/Voting Info City Clerk 815-562-6161
Water Service Rochelle Municipal Utilities 815-562-4155
Weeds and Tall Grass Property Maintenance Inspector 815-562-8717
Zoning Community Development 815-562-8717