The City of Rochelle offers two ways to recycle electronics:

Electronics Recycling Drop-off Events

Three times per year, the City hosts an Electronics Recycling drop-off event at the Street Department facility located at 251 E. 1st Avenue. This event is open to City of Rochelle residents residing within City limits only. Please bring ID. Check the website calendar for dates; events typically happen in the spring, summer and fall.

Items accepted at Electronics Recycling drop-off events:

Cable Receivers, cell phones, Computer Cables, Computers (desktop, laptop, tablet), Digital converter boxes, DVD players & remotes, DVR consoles & remotes, Electronic keyboards & recorders, Electronic mice, Fax Machines, Answering Machines, FAX Machines, CD Players, CD ROM Drives, Copy Machines, Digital Clocks, Floppy disk, tape and hard drives, Microwaves, Pagers, Radios, Shredder (no paper tub), Telephones, Network Wires & Extension Cords, PDA Device, MP3/CD Players, Printers, Satellite Receivers, Scanners, Small-scale servers, Televisions (all types) & remotes, Video game consoles & controllers, VCR Players, CDs, DVDs, Floppy Disks (no sleeves or cases), Zip drives, Adding machines/Calculators, Cameras & Camcorders, Electric Typewriters, Joysticks, Modems, routers, network switches, Projectors, Rechargeable Batteries, Stereo Equipment (no wood speakers), UPS Battery Backups

Curbside Pickup – TVs

Curbside pickup is now available for console televisions and central processing units (CPUs). Curbside pickup will run concurrently with Appliance Recycling on the third Saturday of each month. To utilize the program, pick up a sticker for your device at the RMU Customer Service Center or City Hall. A sticker may also be obtained by calling the RMU Customer Service Center at 815-562-4155 or City Hall at 562-6161. A sticker for curbside TV pickup costs $20. Stickers for curbside appliance pickup are $5.