The Rochelle Police Department History Pages are dedicated to those who have protected and served the citizens of the City of Rochelle throughout the years. It is meant to provide a picture and informational history of the Rochelle Police Department including highlights and rosters throughout the years.

We are seeking to always update these pages when new pictures, information, and historical facts come to our attention. If you have anything that might be of assistance to us in researching our department’s history, such as old police pictures, old department rosters, old stories, etc., please contact us! E-mail: Chief Pete Pavia at .

At the present time only a limited amount of historical information and pictures are available. Hopefully in the near future more updates will be coming as we obtain more pictures and historical information.


Rochelle Police Patches used over time.



1948 Photo: Charles B. Allen, Chief Jack Knicely, Ronald Hansen



Troy Spencer, Oliver Sitler, Grant Brown, Chief Charles Allen, Floyd Daub, L.W. Cupp


Bob Myroth, Oliver Sitler, Chief Chuck Allen, Dale Meister, Floyd Daub, Irish O’Brien



Old radio room with unidentified radio operator


1968 Photo Officer Wayne Watson



1970 photo. Pictured Left to Right: Tom Preston, Chuck Webb, Charles Lamb, Brian Maas, Jack Wells, Terry Whited, Winston Brass Seated: Chief Jerry Bratcher



1993 Photo Chief Winston Brass


Front Row Left to Right: Ken Woolbright, Ron Vandergrift, Evan Ruggeberg, Roger Johanning, Jimmy Combs, Rob Buck Second Row: Dave Christopherson, Michelle Caron, Julie Thruman, Debbie Dewey, Nancy Feldhaus, Joanne Peters, Melinda Davis Third Row: Jack Wells, Barry Hachmeister, Tom Preston, Bill Tracey, Russ Kelly Fourth Row: Danny Myroth, Keith Haggestad, Wayne Watson, Rick Olson


1995 Department Photo. Front Row Left to Right: Melinda Davis, Michelle Caron, Javier Alanis, Julie Thruman, Jodi Kaalaas Second Row: Rob Buck, Wayne Watson, Joanne Peters, Al Gorr, Tom Preston, Bill Tracey, Evan Ruggeberg Third Row: Ron Vandergrift, Jimmy Combs, Roger Johanning, Tony Cargola, Matthew Fischer, Deb Dewey Fourth Row: Dave Groberski, Russ Kelly, Barry Hachmeister, Dave Christopherson, Ken Woolbright, Tim Huycke



2002 Department Photo. Front Kneeling: Deb Dewey (left), Eric Higby (right) Second Row: Sandy Sullivan, Ken Woolbright, Rob Buck, Ron Vandergrift, Bill Tracey Third Row: Julie Thruman, Tony Milburn, Jeff Leininger, Terry Inman, Dave Christopherson, Jason Bergeron, Rene Smith, Chad Capes Fourth Row: Paul Mott, Aaron Rodabaugh, Roger Johanning, Jimmy Combs, Phil Frankenberry, Jay Ball, Rich Wilkinson, Jerry Wodka, Chris Cox


2006 Department Photo. Front Row: Bill Haan, Sandy Sullivan, Eric Higby, Rob Buck, Jeff Leininger, Jason Bergeron, Phil Frankenberry, Olaf Second Row: Rene Smith, Dave Hamling, Julie Thruman, Cory Beck, Luisa Nambo, Tony Milburn Third Row: Emily Anderson, Terry Inman, Jim Gilliam, Chet Smith, Roger Johanning, Joey Johanning, Jason Goodwin Fourth Row: Matt Wittenberg, John Kaltenbach, Aaron Rodabaugh, Kevin Lindquist, Brian Albers, Dave Christopherson, Tyler Burgess, Andrew Mundt