The Street Division has staff trained, certified and licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture for the purpose of mosquito adulticide and larvicide’s to help protect against mosquito borne diseases and nuisance. The public is encouraged to report any stagnant water areas or potential breeding sites to the Street Division for staff to sample and treat if necessary. The City’s program consists of the following schedule:


  • End of April & 1st week of May, provide local media with information and location of brochures available to the public covering mosquito prevention control and west nile virus information.
  • Submit contract with Clarke Mosquito Control for three aerial treatments of approximately 20 acres of stagnant lagoons at the RMU Water Rec site.


  • During the month of May, inspect and treat for larva control of approximately 1000 catch basins and drainage structures, ditches, Row’s, detention/retention ponds and potential flood sites.
  • 1st helicopter pre-hatch treatment at Water Rec. locations using 5% Abate pellets.
  • Treat catch basins using Vectolex WSP.
  • Treat ditches, detention/retention ponds and Row’s using Vecto Bac G.
  • Treat potential flood sites using Altosid briquettes.


  • June thru middle of October, continue to monitor and treat for larva control all areas listed in Phase II.
  • Adult ULV application of mosquito’s as needed dependant on weather and rainfall conditions. Determination of adult mosquito control will be based on public input, weather and reports from Clarke Mosquito Control. ULV application will be announced thru the local media, WRHL and Rochelle Newsleader with as much advance notification as possible. Application must be performed from dusk to dawn when mosquitos are most active. Conditions that would cancel or postpone application are, high winds, rainfall, temperatures below 55 degrees or high temperatures causing thermal inversions of the chemical. Individuals with asthma and other respiratory conditions are advised to stay indoors with windows closed for approximately 1 hour after the application. All mosquito control products are applied under strict conformance with product labeling.
  • If necessary a 3rd aerial application of the Water Rec. lagoons will be done in late August. Weather, rainfall and mosquito activity will determine the necessity of a 3rd application. For questions call 815 562-2494