The Street Division is responsible for parkway trees and trees on some Rights-of Ways through out Rochelle. Trees in or near power lines are the responsibility of Rochelle Municipal Utilities. Trees must be kept pruned to provide for the safe travel of emergency vehicles, school busses, waste removal vehicles and City services vehicles.

Safe clearance of limbs over sidewalks is also important for the general public. Heights over roads should be in excess of 14 ft where applicable, and sidewalks should have 8 to11 ft of clearance. Trees on or near intersections also need special attention for visibility and to provide for a safe site distance, especially in larger vehicles.

Pruning and tree removal is typically done in the late fall or winter months. Requests can be made any time for removal or pruning and will be scheduled based on severity of request or hazardous conditions. Stumps will be ground out, grindings removed and dirt and seed placed as schedules and weather conditions allow. Residents are asked to water area after the parkway is restored and seed planted.

The Street Department will replace parkway trees if one is removed.

The planting site will be reviewed and determined if plantings will be allowed.

Conditions exist where planting trees or certain trees may not be allowed or discouraged. These areas may include under power or communication lines, over or near underground utilities and corner lots within the visibility triangle of the respective intersection.

For these reasons a tree planting permit must be submitted and approved by the Superintendent before planting occurs. If the City is replacing a tree, staff will determine if re-planting is appropriate. Certain species are not allowed in parkway plantings such as, willows, soft maples, evergreen type trees, fruit trees or other nuisance type species.

For questions call the Street Division at 815 562-2494, or for trees in or near power lines contact Rochelle Municipal utilities at 815 562-4155.