The City of Rochelle’s Goal

…is to offer a world class Technology Park close to urban centers of commerce but away from the high costs associated with urban developments.

Rochelle business and technology park

Park Features

The Rochelle Business & Technology Park is a 160 acre development with quick access to two major highways, access to three independent dark fiber optic networks and only seventy-five miles from downtown Chicago. The Rochelle Business & Technology Park is served with all new communications and utility infrastructure including LED street lighting along Technology Parkway. These utility services are provided by Rochelle Municipal Utilities (RMU).

Communication Services

Three, ninety-six (96) count diverse distribution fiber bundles, encased in conduit, are installed within a private easement located within the Technology Park. The distribution fiber is connected to four independent access points to external fiber networks.

Independent dark fiber is available for lease from three different providers. The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has dark fiber along I-39 from I-88 south of Rochelle to Rockford. The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA) has installed dark fiber along I-88 running east and west from Rochelle to Chicago. Access to the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority’s dark fiber are available from multiple locations within the City, allowing complete route diversity to the Technology Park. Fiber distribution throughout the park has been located within a private easement to secure network reliability. All lots have been designed with complete diverse access to the fiber networks. AT&T, Above Net, Verizon Business and the Northern Illinois Technology Triangle have constructed fiber networks with distribution equipment located within the RMU Technology Center, offering services of any nature to park tenants. The City of Rochelle and RMU are committed to supply all potential customers with the communication services they require.

Electric Service

The electric service provided by RMU within the Rochelle Business & Technology Park is fed by two separate sub-stations each with dual substation transformers and backed by two separate connections, (looped) to the national electric grid. The electric service from the regional substations; one on Caron Road and the second on Twombly Road are both 477 ACSR rated 600 amp overhead distribution circuits. The service within the park is 750 MCM underground distribution cable within a private easement, providing both diverse and redundant distribution circuits.

Regularly scheduled maintenance of the distribution lines between the Technology Park and the two substations provides additional reliability for the park.

Water Service

RMU provides water service to the Business & Technology Park through a twelve-inch water distribution main both on Dement Road and Technology Parkway.

Sanitary Sewer Service

Service within the park is provided by a ten-inch sanitary sewer main connected to a ten-inch sewer main on Dement Road. The RMU waste water treatment plant has excess capacity to meet both future residential and commercial growth.