The Rochelle Business and Technology Park recognizes that businesses are unable to compete without the best infrastructure possible for information exchange and acquisition. The City of Rochelle made a significant investment in the installation of a redundant fiber-optic network located in the private right-of-way throughout the park.


The Rochelle Business & Technology Park is zoned B-2, Commercial Highway, with a Technology Overlay District. This distinction assures that appropriate businesses locate in the park and regulates the design of the buildings.

LEED Requirements

The City does not require LEED building standards but supports environmentally friendly practices.


The City’s Economic Development Department works closely with potential businesses to develop an incentive package which is tailored to the development.

Proximity of Interstates

The park is conveniently located at the intersection of the Research and Development Corridor (I-88) and the Logistics and Transportation Corridor (I-39).