City Clerk Office

City Clerk and staff can assist you in researching Council action, City Regulations, Laws and Policy. For consultations or extensive research, feel free to contact us.  The City Clerk serves as the FOIA Officer for the City of Rochelle.

The City Clerk's Office is dedicated to meet the requirements and deadlines prescribed by City, State and Federal law to ensure the proper function of government; to keep the official records of the City Council; to maintain up-to-date City Codes; to provide accurate information to citizens and to the City Administration; and to properly manage and execute the official records of the City to ensure the integrity of the Records for the citizens and the Courts; to administer the Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance & licensing; and to meet the statutory requirements of the City of Rochelle; all in the most cost effective and efficient manner.


Contact us for:

  • Information on City Council Action and Meetings
  • City Records, Certifications and Research of Legislative Action
  • City Codes
  • Freedom of Information Inquiries
  • Applying for Liquor Licenses
  • Registering to Vote
  • City of Rochelle Records
  • Birth and Death Certificates
  • Peddlers & Solicitors' Permits
  • Applying for Raffle Permits

Interested in learning more about the City Clerk's Office?  pdf View this powerpoint for more details. (726 KB)


Rose Huéramo, City Clerk

City Hall

420 N. 6th Street

Rochelle, IL 61068

Phone: (815) 561-2030

Fax: (815) 562-3888

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.