Director's Welcome

A Hearty Midwest Welcome to Rochelle!Director

It may seem hard to believe, but over the past two decades Rochelle has quietly established itself as a logistical powerhouse. In this past decade alone, over $1.2 billion in capital investment and $50 million in infrastructure investment have been poured into the Rochelle area! This investment has resulted in the construction of 4.5 million square feet of industrial space and the creation of over 1500 new, permanent jobs!

There are many great reasons why businesses have chosen to build and expand in Rochelle. The first is our logistically-strategic location at the intersection of two interstate highways and two Class 1 railroads. I-39 (north-south) and I-88 (east-west) intersect at Rochelle – outside of the metro- Chicago congestion. Both the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern/Santa Fe railways intersect here too and enjoy the same “just-outside-of-Chicago” advantage. The second reason is the City of Rochelle Railroad. This city-owned short-line provides lead-track switching service of railcars to either Class 1 railroad. The third is our City’s vision to aggressively build the road, rail, and utility infrastructure that helps industrial businesses minimize construction costs and prosper. The final reason is our people. “Team Rochelle” is a partnership between the City, area businesses, elected officials, and State and Federal economic development agencies, whom are committed to keeping Rochelle and the Rochelle Area at the leading edge of economic development.

We know that economic development involves time and patience and the building of partnerships. Our purpose is to streamline the site selection process by arranging site visits, providing valuable site selection information, and offering appealing incentives to help you hit the ground running. In addition, we act as a liaison with other government agencies that can assist us with economic development opportunities.

Come see why Rochelle is so "Industry Friendly!"

Jason T. Anderson
Economic Development Director

See our default Marketing Brochure (2.51 MB)  to learn more about the benefits of building in Rochelle, including information on our transportation systems, utilities, and other economic support the City has to offer.