Why Rochelle For Business

Why Rochelle For Business

Our Economic Development Support

Team Rochelle

"Team Rochelle" is a partnership between the City, area businesses, elected officials, and State and Federal economic development agencies whom are committed to keeping the Rochelle Area at the leading edge of economic development. In addition, for over 30 years, the Greater Rochelle Economic Development Corporation (GREDCO) has been successful in attracting new industries to Rochelle.


The area labor market is part of the 3-county Rockford MSA, providing a pool of nearly 300,000 skilled and unskilled workers. Our I-88 and I-39 interstate connections give this labor pool quick access to Rochelle. (Labor Study)


Rochelle Municipal Utilities (RMU) is a City owned and operated municipal utility, providing electric, water, sewer, and high-speed internet service. Rochelle consistently provides affordable and reliable electric service, vital to the future economic vitality of the region. NICOR supplies natural gas to the Rochelle area, and offers the lowest natural gas prices in Illinois (and the fourth-lowest in the nation).

Tax Incentives

The City of Rochelle offers, via the Lee-Ogle Enterprise Zone, many incentives for new and expanding businesses.  Most commercial and industrial sites are now in the Lee-Ogle Enterprise Zone (please verify your specific site prior to improvement projects). 

When a business is located in the Lee-Ogle Enterprise Zone, incentives include:  1.) Building materials for real estate improvements are exempt from sales tax and  2.) a 6 year-50% abatement of real estate taxes from the improvements made (please note: abatement is not allowed in a TIF district).

Our Transportation Systems


The City-owned Rochelle Railroad provides switching service to both the Burlington-Northern/Santa Fe and Union Pacific Railroad mainlines, both which intersect in Rochelle. In addition, the Union Pacific Global III Intermodal provides fast, efficient, low-cost shipping to customers around the globe.


The Transportation & Logistics Corridor (I-39) and the Research and Development Corridor (I-88) intersect at the edge of Rochelle and offer significant advantages to Rochelle industries by providing quick access to both interstate highway systems, Chicago, and the entire Midwest.


Six international airports are within a 90-minute drive of Rochelle. The Northwest Chicago-land International Airport at Rockford (RFD) is 20 minutes from Rochelle and home to the second largest UPS hub in the country. Rockford is also the second largest city in the state of Illinois. In addition, the Rochelle Municipal Airport is within minutes of several of our industrial parks and is undergoing a two-phase expansion of the runway.  

Our Location

Competitive Edge

The Rochelle Area offers both a low cost of labor and land. In addition, we are only an hour away from one of the greatest commerce centers in North America - the City of Chicago. Our “Foreign Trade Zone” status, a readily-available work force, and a community that provides significant “quality of life” amenities make Rochelle an excellent location for employees and businesses.

Best of Rural and Urban Living

Located in the prairie lands of Northern Illinois, we offer the best of both rural and urban living, superior schools, open green spaces, and a safe and clean environment. Less than 90 minutes from the O’Hare International Airport and downtown Chicago, Rochelle offers a small-town atmosphere with easy access to urban amenities.

Rochelle Business and Technology Park

This 160 acre campus is designed to meet the demands and flexibility required by today’s technology-related businesses. With Fortune 100 and 500 companies located here, the Park has direct access to the Northern Illinois Technology Triangle (NITT), a looped, broadband fiber network secured along three major interstate highways. The NITT ensures instant transmission of large volumes of data, with superior redundancy capabilities. This regional multi-gigabit fiber optic-based system provides high speed data transmission, connecting businesses to world-wide opportunities. Rochelle is among a handful of cities across the nation who own and operate a local fiber-optics network.