Citizen's Police Academy

The Rochelle Police Department is committed to implementing programs and initiatives which will enhance department performance and build positive relationships with members of the community that we serve. The Citizen Police Academy was designed to create a better understanding of the Rochelle Police Department, its role in the community, and to open lines of communication between area citizens and their police department. In the words of Sir Robert Peel: "The police are the public and the public are the police."

The citizen police academy is one of the more popular programs used to train volunteers, recruit volunteers, or simply introduce community members to functions and activities within a law enforcement agency. Detective John Kaltenbach was assigned to organize/supervise the program and began speaking with northern Illinois agencies about their citizen academies. After much review and discussion we developed our own curriculum utilizing portions of the information gathered.

To take part in the academy each applicant was subjected to a background check, just as they would be if they had applied for the position of police officer. After checking applicant backgrounds, ninteen individuals were accepted to the academy, with the first class slated for Thursday February 4th, 2011.

The academy took place each Thursday night and consisted of the following 10-classes:

February 4: History of the department - Chief Eric Higby; Communications Division - Communictions Supervisor Sandy Sullivan.

February 11: Basic Patrol Operations - Officer Nate Hansmann; Domestic Violence / HOPE - Ruth Carter; Officer Jason Goodwin

February 18: Criminal Investigations - Detective Terry Inman; Evidence - Detective Sgt. Jeff Leininger

February 25: Drug and Gang Awareness - Chief Higby

March 4: Criminal Law - State's Attorney John "Ben" Roe; K-9 Unit - Dixon Police Officer Jeff Ragan

March 11: Emergency Response Team - Sgt. Phil Frankenberry; Use of Force - Officer Jim Gilliam and Officer Jason Goodwin

March 18: Firearms Training - Officer Matthew Wittenberg and Sgt. Jason Bergeron

March 25: Traffic / DUI Enforcement - Officer Brian VanVickle and Officer Jason Goodwin

April 1: Mock Trial