Adopt-A-Road Program

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Adopt-A-Road Program Overview
What is Adopt-A-Road?
Adopt-A-Road is a litter reduction and prevention program sponsored by the City of Rochelle. The purpose of the program is to attract public involvement from residential and community organizations to maintain a litter-free Rochelle.
What are the Responsibilities of the Adopting Organization?
By adopting a stretch of City roadway, an organization commits to removing the litter from their designated route as well as preserving its aesthetic condition. Specifically, organizations will coordinate volunteers to maintain the appearance of their adopted stretch of City roadway through community cleanup campaigns, educating the community on the importance of maintaining litter-free roadways, and reporting cleanup results to the Rochelle Street Department.
What are the Responsibilities of The Adopt-A-Road Program?
The Rochelle Street Department will provide supplies needed and the amount necessary to aid with general cleanups, provide a road sign indicating the stretch of City roadway that has been adopted and the adopting organization, educational material to inform the public of the program, and provide additional support, when needed, to carry out the overall program.
Is There a Safety Factor to Consider for Volunteers?
Yes, with any cleaning campaign there are safety concerns, especially in heavily congested areas. For this reason The City of Rochelle provides safety vests to all volunteers and any additional support to ensure that all participants are as safe as possible.
Adopt-A-Road Commitment
The City of Rochelle Adopt-A-Road Program requires all adopting organizations to take certain actions, such as:
• Signing an Adopt-A-Road program agreement.
• Adhering to all rules of the program as stated in the agreement.
• Signing a volunteer waiver form removing all liability from the City of Rochelle government, its employees, and equipment.
Organizations must agree to clean adoptive roadway a minimum of 2 times per year or as needed to maintain a certain level of cleanli- ness. Organizations must also agree to submit a Cleanup Report Form after each cleanup event.The Rochelle Street Department will furnish or provide, at its sole discretion, and to its own satisfaction, one 24x30 Adopt-A-Road sign identifying the adopting organization, litter bags (distributed prior to clean up), Reflective safety vests (on loan), information on safety precautions, and the removal of all litter bags upon completion of clean up. Participant minors must have written parental consent, or when parents sign the waiver on behalf of their child they consent to the minor's participation.
All adopting organizations must complete an Adopt-A-Road cleanup report and submit it to the Rochelle Street department.

pdf  Adopt a Road Application

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pdf  Adopt a Road Cleanup Report Form

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