LWV Presents: Drug Court

Thu, April 25, 2019 7:00 pm until Thu, April 25, 2019 8:00 pm
Categories: Community Events

Ogle County Drug Court began August 1, 2009 as an effort to offer intensive services to non-violent   adult felons who have been identified as having significant substance abuse problems.   As required by new rules in 2017, the court received certification by the Illinois Supreme Court in September 2018.        The mission of the court is to reduce the cost of substance-related crime while holding offenders accountable for their behavior and preventing recidivism.  Through education and individualized treatment, offenders are enabled to become productive and responsible citizens. 

The specialty court team is comprised of five members who will explain the process and describe successes of program graduates. 

Honorable Judge Ben Roe, Drug Court Judge                                                                                                  Honorable Judge Clayton Lindsey, DUI Court Judge                                                                                                                            State’s Attorney Eric Morrow, Specialty Courts Prosecutor                                                                               Kathleen Isley, Specialty Courts Defense Attorney                                                                                                 Brigette Beckman, Specialty Courts Probation Officer

The League of Women voters will host this presentation.  The public is invited to hear how our Ogle county court system deals with substance abuse and enables effective rehabilitation.

Contacts:  Claude McKibben, LWV  [email protected]  815 757-4339

                Jim May, LWV  [email protected]  815 751-7799

                Brooke Plachno, Specialty Courts Coordinator   [email protected]   815  732-1180 x233