“Faux Pas” Art Gallery Opens Downtown Rochelle

“Faux Pas” Art Gallery Opens Downtown Rochelle

“Faux Pas” Art Gallery Opens Downtown Rochelle

ROCHELLE –Downtown Rochelle is home to an Art Gallery! Faux Pas is located at 308 Lincoln Highway.

The gallery features all different types of art. Primarily focused on visual arts like paintings, prints, sculpture, etc., the gallery also hosts music from a local artist from DeKalb and video from an artist from Mexico. Faux Pas represents seasoned artists as well as emergent talent. Several students from NIU are in the opening show.

“Well, it all just sort of fell into place,” says Owner Jeremy Lampkin when asked how the idea for the gallery came about. “Last winter I decided to move back to Rochelle from  Lincoln Park, and Juan and Guillermo had this empty storefront. Being an artist, I naturally thought of the possibility of using the space as a gallery.”

Through a series of chance meetings with other art enthusiasts from all over the state of Illinois, Faux Pas came to life.

“Art galleries are not exactly common. We thought it would be great to have one in our home town. People from Rochelle may visit art museums, but not many will go so far out of their way to visit art galleries — to really experience the contemporary art scene. Also it’s great for the art community in general, giving artists opportunity to show their work and of course drawing art appreciators from the region,” says Lampkin.

On Friday December 1st the Gallery hosts its inaugural opening “Winnebago Man vs. The Fly” featuring artists from across Northern Illinois: Gabriel Karagianis, Sam Arnold, Cecelia Ivy Price, Chris Boyko, Nicole Zurita, Tara Ozehowski, Rachel Corbin, Nasso, Noah Hedrick, Kennedy Shenberg, Seth Webb, Kassi Apel, Angela Bachman, Danesh Kothari, Chris May, Don Mazzanti, and Jeremy Lampkin. Video by Sol Rezza + Daniel Iván, ambience by Brian Brovelli.  The event will feature complimentary wine & cheese plates from Abraham’s.

Gallery owners are Juan Martinez, Guillermo Martinez, Matt Thompson, with Curator Jeremy Lampkin. The group is planning to participate in the local art walk next year, working with the CAN Arts and Culture Committee.