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Monday, May 7, 2018 @ 6:00 PM



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1. PZC-4-18, City of Rochelle Municipal Utilities Variance to encroach on the rear building setback of 10 feet and exceed allowable lot coverage by 636 square feet at 200 Southview Drive
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Case No.: 04-18
Applicant: City Rochelle Municipal Utilities
Address: 200 Southview Drive, Rochelle, Illinois 61068


Well #10 was constructed in 1965 and is located at 200 Southview drive. Well #10 is a major water supply well and is in need of replacement. The building and all equipment is beyond repair and design is complete with a bid opening held on April 12th for complete replacement of the building and all the equipment. The design was done to accommodate a future radium removal plant with the new building set within a footprint to allow an expansion without major construction. The original well was constructed in the middle of the lot and the new plant and equipment is required to be attached to the old equipment. To allow this type of construction RMU is asking for a variance to encroach 10 feet on the rear setback requirement of 20 feet to allow for a future addition of a radium treatment facility. (See sheet C-4).

The proposed building was designed to match the surrounding architecture and will be a great improvement to the neighborhood. (See sheet A-3).

In addition to the new building and equipment the new facility will require daily monitoring and delivery of various materials along with maintenance of the facility. To allow this type of use the design requires additional paving on the East side of the building to accommodate deliveries and off street parking of equipment. This additional paving exceeds the one third allowable hard surfacing and structures on a residential lot. (See sheet C-2) by 636 square feet.

The property is surrounded by Light Industry on the North, Residential R-2 on the South, East and West.

The petitioner is requesting a variance to encroach on the building setback 10 feet and exceed the allowable lot coverage by 636 square feet. Under Section 110-101 a variance may be granted where practical difficulties or unusual hardships are determined to exist, but only after a public hearing has been duly advertised and held by the board of zoning appeals which may recommend such restrictions and conditions upon the premises benefitted by the variance as it considers necessary, so that the public health, safety and general welfare may be secured and substantial justice done.

 After a duly noticed public hearing, the City of Rochelle Planning & Zoning Commission will consider all the relevant evidence presented at said hearing on May 7, 2018.

Staff recommends

Staff has reviewed the building plans and referenced the standards for granting a variance found in Section 110-104 and feels that because of the particular physical surroundings, shape or topographical conditions of the specific parcel of land involved, a particular hardship to the owner would result, as distinguished from a mere inconvenience, if the strict letter of the regulations were carried out.

Staff feels the conditions upon which the petition for a variance is unique to the parcel of land for which the variance is sought and not applicable, generally, to other property with the same zoning classification.

The proposed addition is not dangerous to public health, will not impair property values in the neighborhood, will not impede normal development of the surrounding properties, will not impair light to adjacent property, congest public streets, or increase the risk of fire, and recommends that the planning and zoning commission approve a variance to encroach the building rear setback 10 feet and exceed the lot coverage requirement for an additional 636 square feet, the legal description of which is attached