Planning & Zoning Agenda 03/04/2019



Monday, March 4, 2019 @ 6:00 PM



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    1. PZC-01-19, 300 Steward Road, Hub City Development variance of the sign ordinance.
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The meeting will be held in the Council Chambers of the Rochelle City Hall, 420 N. 6th Street.

Members are reminded to please contact the Community Development Department at (815) 562-8717 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are unable to attend.


Hub City Development has entered into a purchase agreement with Johnson Tractor as part of the subdivision approval back in October 2018. Johnson tractor is asking for a variance of the sign ordinance to allow 3 ground pylon signs. One pylon sign located on the northeast edge of the property at a height of 12 feet visible on I-88, one pylon sign located at the entrance of Steward road at a height of 28 feet, and an additional pylon sign at the second entrance of Steward road at a height of 29 feet. 2 of the signs will display Case Johnson tractor with the other sign displaying Kubota Johnson tractor.

The property is surrounded by B-2 Commercial Highway on the East and West, I-88 on the North, and Agriculture on the south.

The City of Rochelle sign ordinance allows for one ground pylon sign at a maximum height of 26 feet. City council, in the past after a recommendation from the PZC has allowed additional ground pylon signs with a height variance over the allowed 26 feet for property fronting a highway. For example, Love’s travel stops at a height of 50 feet with an additional pylon sign of 25 feet.

The proposed signage is 468 square feet over the allowable signage for the frontage of the property without considering additional building or canopy signage on the property. In addition, the proposed signs will meet the required setback of one half the building setback

Staff has asked that the petitioner apply to the Federal Aviation Association for permission to allow these signs in the City Aviation Easement. At this time, the application has not been approved.

Under Section 110-677 a variance may be recommended by the zoning board and granted by city council where a literal application of this article would create a hardship for the applicant. In such case, the following criteria shall be followed:
The granting of the requested variance would not be materially detrimental to the property owners in the vicinity.
The hardship caused the applicant under a literal interpretation of this article is due to conditions unique to that property and does not apply generally to the city.
The granting of the variance would not be contrary to the general objective of this article.
Special conditions may be added to carry out the spirit and purpose of this article in the public interest.

After a duly noticed public hearing, the City of Rochelle Planning & Zoning Commission will consider all the relevant evidence presented at said hearing on January 7, 2019.

Staff recommends:

Staff has reviewed the building plans and referenced the standards for granting a variance found in Section 110-677 and feels that because of the physical surroundings, shape or topographical conditions of the specific parcel of land involved, a particular hardship to the owner may result, as distinguished from the property having frontage along I-88 and Steward road

Staff feels the conditions upon which the petition for a variance is unique to the parcel of land for which the variance is sought and not applicable, generally, to other property with the same zoning classification since the property has additional frontage.

The proposed addition is not dangerous to public health, will not impair property values in the neighborhood, will not impede normal development of the surrounding properties, will not impair light to adjacent property, congest public streets, or increase the risk of fire, and recommends that the planning and zoning commission approve a variance to allow for 3 pylon signs as described with a condition of approval from the FAA.