Planning & Zoning Agenda 11-04-2019


Monday, November 4, 2019 @ 6:00 PM



III. APPROVE/ACCEPT MINUTES pdf 10/07/2019 (186 KB)




     1. PZC-19-19 Pilot Travel Centers, LLC, 1201 E. IL Route 38. Petition for Variance of Signs. (Public Hearing and Action)

     2. PZC-20-19 Sinbad Vapors LLC, 1231 Caron Road. Petition for a Conditional Use in a PUD-C (Planned Unit Development – Commercial) for retail sales of electronic cigarettes, vapor and related products and accessories. (Public Hearing and Action)


Pete Iosue with Teska Associates, Inc. will present the proposed zoning code updates.     


The meeting will be held in the Council Chambers of the Rochelle City Hall, 420 N. 6th Street.

Members are reminded to please contact the Community Development Department at (815) 562-8717 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are unable to attend.

Case No.: 19-19   pdf Reference Document 1 (256 KB) ; pdf Reference Document 2 (213 KB) ; pdf Reference Document 3 (1.53 MB)
Applicant: Pilot Travel Centers, LLC
Address: 1201 E. IL Route 38, Rochelle, Illinois 61068 

Pilot Travel Centers, LLC appeared before the Planning and Zoning Commission with a plat of annexation, re-zone and variances on June 3, 2019. A variance for signage was granted at this meeting; however, their canopy signs where inadvertently omitted from their request. This variance request is to correct that omission and allow the travel center the variance for their fuel canopies to be branded “Pilot” and “Diesel” accordingly.  The gas canopy will have 3 “Pilot” logos totaling 64.68 square foot. Diesel canopy will have 4 logos totaling 86.24 square foot.

Staff has reviewed the canopy plans and feel that these are standard and customary to other canopy signs granted for fueling stations and referenced the standards for granting a variance found in Section 110-677.  The proposed variance is not dangerous to public health, will not impair property values in the neighborhood, will not impede normal development of the surrounding properties, will not impair light to adjacent property, congest public streets, or increase the risk of fire. Staff recommends that the Planning and Zoning Commission consider recommendation of approval of the requested variance of Pilot Travel Centers, LLC.

Case No.: PZC 20-19
Applicant: Sinbad Vapors
Address: 1231 Caron Road

Sinbad Vapors LLC is a retail store for electronic cigarettes, vapor and related products and accessories. 1231 Caron Road is in a PUD-C zoning district where a conditional use permit is required for this type of business. Sinbad Vapors LLC is requesting a Conditional Use for their retail store to be located at 1231 Caron Road.

According to Chapter 110 Zoning, under Division 2 - Conditional Use Permits, the Planning and Zoning Commission shall hold a public hearing, shall review the site, existing and proposed structures, architectural plans, neighborhood uses, parking areas, driveway locations, highway access, traffic generation and circulation. Also, under Division 2, section 110-77, Conditions, certain conditions may be required such as landscaping, architectural design, type of construction, construction commencement and completion dates, sureties, lighting, fencing, planting screens, operational control, hours of operation, improved traffic circulation, deed restrictions, highway access restrictions, increased yards, or parking requirements may be required by the Planning and Zoning Commission upon its finding.

Staff recommends that the Planning and Zoning Commission consider the following findings and recommend to the City Council accordingly.