Railroad Advisory Board

5 Members - Selected by Mayor; approved by City Council

3 Year Terms - staggered

The Board serves in an advisory capacity to the City Manager and City Council, through the Director of City Railroad.  The RAB advises on policies related to the City of Rochelle Railroad (CIR), including operational, financial, and expansion issues.  The Business Development Manager, within the Economic Development Department, currently serves as the Director of City Railroad.

Members Include:

Name Term Expires Address Phone
Malcolm Patterson 7/1/19 5839 Indian Trail 815-501-5010
Randy Wakenight, Chairman 7/1/20 729 South Marsh Road, Oregon 815-732-6309
Robert Wingate 7/1/20 PO Box 37, Burlington 319-759-2723
Kenneth Wise 7/1/20 9434 East Fowler Road 815-562-8438