Stormwater Advisory Commission

7 Members - Mayor appoints Chairman

3 year terms

The Commission acts as advisors to the City Enginneer and the City Manager with reference to the operation and control of stormwater management matters within the City. The Stormwater Commission meets at least bi-monthly (3rd Wednesday at 5:30) as designated by the chairperson. Members are appointed by the Mayor with consent of City Council.

Members include:

Name Term Expires Address Phone
Jim May 7/1/2024 1080 North 8th Street 815-562-5626
Blake Vogeler 7/1/2022  10131 E Shagbark Ln 815-494-6130
Terry Danner 7/1/2023 630 N 7th St  815-562-3084
VACANCY 7/1/2022    
David Casey 7/1/2022  5180 S. Queen Rd 815-970-7358
VACANCY- Member at Large 7/1/2023    
VACANCY - Member at Large 7/1/2021