Our Vision
A vibrant community where all can thrive.

Our Mission
To provide a safe, connected and innovative community with professional, personalized and impartial services.

Our Values

Community Inclusivity and Engagement means we value the cultural and social diversity that is reflected in our community. We welcome the changes and new perspectives that this diversity brings.

Individual | Respectful | Compassionate | Ethical

Core Service Delivery means we encourage employees to exercise independent judgement in meeting customer needs through professional service. We support continuing education and training for all staff members.

Proactive | Committed | Reliable | Efficient

Economic and Business Development means we create a simplified range of opportunities for all types of business recruitment and retention. We value strong collaborations with elected officials and regional economic development organizations to promote and market the region for industrial and commercial growth.

Capable | Business-Friendly | Growing | Intentional

Financial Management and Stability means we believe integrity, fiscal responsibility and the prudent stewardship of public funds is essential for citizen confidence in government. We are committed to attainable performance measures based on a secure strategic plan.

Transparent | Stable | Accountable | Steward

Infrastructure Effectiveness and Improvement means we provide a maintained and reliable infrastructure for all members of the community while continuing to find innovative ways to improve the delivery of services.

Affordable | Local | Sustainable | Strategic