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October 13, 2011

Economic Development News Flash - City Industrial Rail

Red train

The City of Rochelle-owned railroad (CIR) continues to grow to meet the needs of both planned and future industrial demands. Work has begun on the new rail spur off the CIR to the new Nippon Sharyo site. The existing crossing and spur on Caron Road, south of I-88, will be modified for this purpose. In addition, the CIR is soon to be extended east across Steward Road, south of the IRE ethanol plant, in order to serve the planned construction of at least one new industrial plant there.

The City has also recently purchased a 1.5 acre strip of land along Caron Road, at the southeast corner of Creston and Caron Roads. This land is for additional planned storage track to help us serve our industrial clients. Finally, the Creston Road CIR crossing will be replaced this October 2011, for both needed repairs and also to handle future, heavier rail volume.

The presence of both the Union Pacific and BNSF railroads continue to make us a “logistically-strategic spot” for existing and future industrial clients. The CIR gives our industries direct access to either railroad. This dual access offers our clients competitive transportation pricing, thus giving them an advantage in their marketplace.