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June 29, 2011

State Economic Impact Study to Benefit Rochelle

Rochelle, ILThe Rochelle Municipal Airport (Koritz Field) will be part of an upcoming 18-month study commissioned by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to measure the benefits that the Illinois airport system has on local economies.  Over 100 airports statewide will be examined, and the results will allow IDOT’s Division of Aeronautics, along with state aviation and economic development leaders, to enhance the state’s aviation network and create more jobs. 


“We believe the ‘Airport Economic Impact Study’ will show that the Rochelle Municipal Airport is becoming an economic engine, creating a magnet for new and sustainable jobs”, explained Rochelle City Manager, David Plyman.  “This study will provide the necessary information for Federal, State, and Local officials to justify future development and funding of infrastructure for continued economic growth.”


“We’re excited about professional business organizations, like the Chicago Skydiving Center, coming to Rochelle.  Their move here has already begun to benefit our local economy.  We’ve seen increased business to Rochelle hotels, restaurants, and stores because of their presence.” stated Rochelle Mayor, Chet Olson.  The international transportation and infrastructure consulting firm headquartered in Columbia SC, Wilbur Smith Associates, was selected to conduct the statewide study.