City to Update Zoning Codes
February 12, 2019

City to Update Zoning Codes

The City of Rochelle has contracted with Teska & Associates to pursue an update to local zoning codes. 

“Our goal is to make our codes more user friendly and to streamline business development in our community,” said Michelle Pease, Community Development Director. 

This multi-phase project will begin with a complete review and analysis of existing codes.  Phase II will include the preparation of new development regulations and Phase III will follow with implementation. 

“Not only will Teska collaborate with the City Council, Planning & Zoning Commission and Staff, but Citizen and business stakeholder input will be gathered during this process,” said City Manager Jeff Fiegenschuh.

Teska will work with Staff to identify and create an outreach plan to specific user groups through a focus group interview process, will participate in a community open house to explain recommended changes, and hold a training workshop for specific user groups to explain how to use the new code.  The purpose of interacting with City officials and stakeholders is to gain a perspective on how the community sees the value of the current zoning regulations as either barriers or incentives to development, how developers have been able (and willing) to meet zoning requirements and providing a reality check as to the impact of current practices.

The Teska team will explore with community leaders various contemporary approaches to growth management, including planned development districts, overlay zoning, and form-based codes. In general, Teska embraces a “hybrid” approach to zoning - applying traditional zoning techniques where they work best and using a form-based approach as a tool to accomplish specific urban form and design goals by building them into one or more districts, as desired by the community.