Package Liquor Sales During Executive Order
March 21, 2020

Package Liquor Sales During Executive Order

Bar owners within the City of Rochelle may apply for curbside package sales beginning Saturday March 21st.  An application is posted below and must be sent via E-Mail to Mayor John Bearrows before sales may begin.

The City of Rochelle is working to assist bars and restaurants that were required to close under the Governor's first act of enforcing social distancing.  It is important that our local businesses survive this event.  

Any business interested in applying must have a current liquor license with the City of Rochelle.  The application process ensures that the appropriate insurance policy is in place and to release the City of liability.  This pertains to the sale via curbside pickup ONLY.  Patrons may not enter the establishment.

This is being done to assist with the bars & Restaurants that had to close under the Governors First act of enforcing distancing have another option of creating a revenue source to help them survive this event. The place of business must have a current liquor license with the City of Rochelle. The application, is to confirm there dramshop/liquor liability is in place for this action, therefore removing liability from the City.

pdf Application Form (81 KB)

Pleae complete and return to Mayor John Bearrows at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.