Shining Light Program Begins
October 2, 2019

Shining Light Program Begins

The City of Rochelle and Rochelle Municipal Utilities are pleased to offer the “Shining Light” program as a way for local individuals, businesses and organizations to be recognized through the sponsorship of a new street light in the community.  With every sponsorship, a plaque will be placed on the pole with the honoree’s name. 

“This is a wonderful way to remember someone special who has passed on or to recognize an organization close to your heart,” said Mayor John Bearrows.

Today, our first Shining Light was dedicated to the Archie Millotte family.  Millotte is a longtime Rochelle resident with several connections to the community.  

Sponsorship of the street light costs $1,000 which covers approximately half of the cost of the fixture.  This includes the installation of a commemorative plaque.

“The street lights are part of our efforts for community beautification.  The new lights are energy efficient LED lights which will continue to lower our electric costs,” said City Manager Jeff Fiegenschuh.

For more information, or to purchase a light, please contact Mayor John Bearrows at 561-2001.