Prescription Drug Takeback Day – April 26

Prescription Drug Takeback Day – April 26

The Rochelle Police Department will host a Prescription Drug Take-Back Day at on Saturday April 26 from 10am-2pm.

The DEA’s National Prescription Drug Take-Back Initiative allows anyone to safely dispose of expired, unwanted or unused prescription drugs. The event provides a safe and responsible means of disposal.

What you should know about National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day:

• Drop off is anonymous – no questions asked.

• Package all prescription drugs in plastic or glass bottles or (if pills) sturdy plastic bags.

• Remove all labels on all bottles to protect privacy.

• Do not drop off illicitly manufactured controlled substances such as heroin, LSD and marijuana.

• Do not drop off syringes or needles.

• Final disposal of collected prescription drugs is environmentally-friendly (through incineration).

The Rochelle Police Department is located at 416 N. 6th Street. For questions, please call 815-562-2131.