Public Bike Route Planning Workshop

Public Bike Route Planning Workshop

The City of Rochelle and the City of Rochelle’s Bicycle Transportation Plan Committee invites the community to attend a Bike Route Planning Workshop.

When: Thursday February 16 at 6:00PM to 8:00PM

Where: City Hall – Council Chambers at 420 North 6th Street

The 120-minute workshop will invite citizens to give suggestions on the planning for bicycle transportation routes throughout the community. These suggestions will be utilized in the creation of a Bicycle Transportation Plan to meet the needs of those who bike by necessity as well as those who bike for recreation. Several methods of bicycle transportation will be considered including sidepath trails, onstreet bike routes, and bike lanes – all of which are in addition to our current bike path system.

The Workshop Agenda Includes:

1. Introduction of the bicycle planning effort.

2. Description of some types of improvements that may be considered.

3. Attendees mark up individual maps with their ideas.

4. Small groups prioritize and report suggestions.

5. Next steps – plus how you can stay involved and updated.