Tornado Recovery Information for Victims & Volunteers – Saturday 4/11

Tornado Recovery Information for Victims & Volunteers – Saturday 4/11

Ogle County Sheriff’s Office
News Release

For Immediate Release

Contact: Ogle County Sheriff’s Department at 815-562-1001

Access Points:
Effective immediately, Saturday April 11, Skare Road and Fowler Road will be re-opened. The Hickory Ridge and Cherry Hill subdivision is accessible to residents by displaying a photo ID with the home address. Route 64 &251, Hemstock Road and Center roads are open.

Volunteers may check in at the Operation Blessing Mobile Command Center at the corner of Jones Road & 9th Street, the Helms Field parking lot. Volunteers must be 18 years of age and dress to work with sturdy shoes, safety glasses, long pants and gloves. The volunteers must also provide their own transportation to and from the work sites.

Affected Residents:
Affected residents who require assistance should contact the Rochelle Fire Department at 562-2122 to identify needs and resources. Light standards are in place in the affected areas through Sunday evening. Local contractors contacted by the affected homeowners are allowed access to the properties.

Food Spoilage:
If refrigerator has been without electricity for greater than 4 hours, food should be disposed of. For frozen food items can be transferred to another freezer as long as items remained frozen. If items thawed, they should be disposed of.

Do Not Send Donations of clothing, food, water, etc. Officials are requesting that the general public refrain from those donations as we do not need these items. We prefer that donations:
Donations of gift cards may be delivered to the Rochelle Fire Department, located at 401 5th Avenue in Rochelle.
Monetary donations may be made through the Rochelle Area Community Foundation at or via postal mail at PO Box 74, Rochelle, IL 61068.

Burn Ban:
The burn ban remains in effect through Wednesday April 15th for the entire Rochelle Fire and Ogle-Lee Fire Protection District and the Lynn Scott Rock Fire Protection District.

All contractors must visit the Illinois Attorney General’s Representative at the EMAT (Emergency Management Assistance Team) Trailer located in the West end of the Rochelle Township High School parking lot. Contractors should enter the parking lot via North 20th Street at Flagg Road.
Verizon Disaster Assistance Trailer:
The Verizon Disaster Assistance Trailer is located in the Skare Park East Parking lot and is accessible for affected residents to charge cellular phones and to use provided computers.

Closed Skare Park:
Skare Park is closed until further notice, with the exception of the East parking lot with the Verizon Disaster Assistance Trailer.

Debris Management:
• Debris needs to be sorted
• Residents in affected area may place trees and landscape debris in ditches outside of city limits
• Construction debris and demolition debris includes any dimensional lumber, plywood, scrap metals, shingles, siding, etc: Must be separated from landscape waste. Home owners are requested to work through insurance carriers
• Restricted items not accepted: Appliances, TV, Electronics, and Hazardous Materials
o Appliances, electronic waste and household hazards are banned from landfills and must be recycled or managed separately from waste going to the landfill.
o A recycling event for electronics is scheduled for April 18, 2015, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Lincoln Elementary School parking lot in Rochelle
• Scrap metals may be taken to local recycling facilities. The responsibility of handling these materials is up to individual property owners.
• Regular household waste collection by area waste haulers will continue as usual
• If debris is not sorted, it will not be collected
• Behr Iron & Metal in Rochelle is open to collect recyclable scrap metal and appliances until 1pm on Saturday 4/11 and from 9-Noon on Sunday 4/12.
• Contractors with existing accounts with Northern Illinois Disposal may utilize the Rochelle Landfill from 1-6pm on Saturday 4/11 and 7am-3pm on Sunday 4/12.s
• For more information contact the Ogle County Solid Waste Department at (815) 732-4020 or visit