Flooding & Sandbags

Flooding & Sandbags

Flooding & Sandbags

Update: 7/23/17  1:00PM

All streets & bridges will re-open by 2:00pm today.


Update:  7/22/17 7:45PM

Evening flood update….

The Kyte Creek is back within its banks but we still have quite a bit of standing water in the areas surrounding School Avenue, 7th Avenue and Caron Road.
Barricades are still in place for your safety — please do not go around them, especially in the dark. Some of the flood waters are deep and the streets are filled with mud and debris.
Our thanks to the Hillcrest Fire Department, Rochelle Rotary Club and all of our volunteers who came out to fill sand bags this morning!
WIFR TV has our rain total at 5.35″.



We are experiencing significant flooding throughout the Hub City this morning.  The northeast section of town is being hit especially hard thanks to the Kyte Creek overflowing its banks overnight.  

Closed streets include:


Turkington Terrace

School Avenue

Calvin Road

Caron Road

Carlisle Drive

7th Avenue (near the bridge)

1st Avenue (near the bridge)

Do not go around barricades!  Flood water rise and move very quickly.

Sandbags will be available at the old Lincoln School located at the corner of South Main Street and 1st Avenue beginning at 11AM.  Volunteers are needed to fill sandbags!